Sonaca Aircraft

Sonaca Aircraft is a subsidiary of the Sonaca Group, a major stakeholder for over 80 years in the development, manufacture and assembly of advanced aeronautical structures for the civil, military and space markets. Sonaca Aircraft is 90% owned by the OEM.
Sonaca Aircraft’s main objective is the development, certification and marketing of a single-engine two-seater plane, the "Sonaca 200", which has been specially designed and adapted for training and recreational flights.
The Sonaca 200 stands out thanks to its robust structure, which is entirely made of metal, its excellent handling in flight, its high payload mass, and its very low operating cost due to the expertise of a worldwide aviation group.

Management Team

Laurent Maroy
Laurent Maroy joined Sonaca group in 2013 and has held various positions at both national and international levels: he worked at the Sonaca group headquarters in Belgium as Airbus Program Manager and then moved to Romania to start and develop the activity of Sonaca Aerospace Transylvania. He then held the position of Business Unit Leader at LMI Aerospace, a subsidiary of Sonaca group in the United States.
Simon André
Quality Manager
Simon is an Engineer in Materials Science. After having worked as a researcher in composite materials at the Catholic University of Louvain (Belgium), he joined the Sonaca Group as Design Assurance Coordinator. Involved in the development and certification of the Sonaca 200 since 2015, he is now the Quality Manager at Sonaca Aircraft.
Carl Mengdehl
Engineering Manager
Carl has a degree in mechanical engineering and is a Co-Founder of Sonaca Aircraft. He is in charge of the engineering and certification of the Sonaca 200. Before creating Sonaca Aircraft, Carl was the Material Review Board Engineer at Sonaca.
Laëtitia Mourmeaux
Laëtitia Mourmeaux holds a master’s degree in management sciences and has been with Sonaca Aircraft since 2017. Prior to that, she worked for 10 years in the Sonaca group's finance department.   At Sonaca Aircraft, Laëtitia is in charge of financial management and human resources.
Grégoire Penelle
Grégoire is an aeronautical engineer and has a double degree in management sciences. After working for Sonaca group as a process expert and project manager, he joined Sonaca Aircraft in 2021. Gregoire is in charge of production, industrialization and continuous process improvement at Sonaca Aircraft.
Pierre Van Wetter
Sales and Marketing Manager
Pierre is an aeronautical engineer and Co-Founder of Sonaca Aircraft. Before creating Sonaca Aircraft, Pierre worked as a Numerical Methods Engineer at Sonaca. He is now in charge of the sales and marketing activities at Sonaca Aircraft. Pierre is a licensed pilot.

The Sonaca Group

The Sonaca Group is a Belgian company which is active worldwide in the development, manufacture and assembly of Integrated structures for civil, military and space markets. With a turnover of over $800 million and 4,600 employees, Sonaca is a leading name in the aerospace industry. Through its subsidiaries and production sites in Europe, North America, South America and Asia, Sonaca provides fully integrated solutions for its clients’ most complex issues ranging from design to manufacturing and engineering. Every time you fly in an aircraft anywhere in the world, Sonaca is most likely accompanying you…

The Sonaca Group is active in five Business Lines: Aerostructure, Defense, Services, Innovation and Space.



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