Product overview

Backed by Sonaca group's experience (over eighty years of experience in aerostructure), Sonaca Aircraft has developed and marketed the Sonaca 200, a certified two-seater aircraft that combines in-flight performance with reduced operational costs. Designed in close collaboration with the stakeholders in the field (Flying clubs, Flying Schools, Private Pilots,...), the Sonaca 200 meets first and foremost the general aviation and training sector’s needs.

The Sonaca 200 is a two-seater low-wing aircraft with an all-metal structure and a 750 kg maximum take-off weight. Its classic structure is composed of frames, spars and sheets made of advanced aluminum alloy, which provides very effective protection against corrosion.


  • Structure
  • Engine
  • Instrumentation
  • Systems
  • Performances


The Sonaca 200 has a semi-rigid aluminum structure (spar, frame and skin covering construction). The fuselage, wing, and vertical stabilizer are made of aluminum alloy, while the main landing gear consists of a single aluminum alloy arch designed to withstand 6G loads.

The structure is designed to be highly corrosion resistant, due to careful selection of optimum aluminum alloys and use of correct drainage, sealants and corrosion inhibitors.

The choice of the riveting assembly is driven by the willingness to provide easy and standard repairs included in the Sonaca 200 standard repair manual.


The two separate tanks with a usable capacity of 70 liters are integrated in the wings, in front of the main spar. The wings are equipped with electric flaps.


Its classic horizontal plane includes an empennage and an elevator. Its elevator is also equipped with a manual trim.

The structure is equipped with a large number of inspection hatches that can be quickly opened for easy maintenance. Some are hinged to optimize light maintenance. 


The Sonaca 200 is equipped with the certified Rotax 914 engine, offering high performance for high climb rates and cruise speeds.
The turbocharged Rotax 914 offers excellent performance at high altitudes, while keeping weight to a minimum. It offers a time between overhauls of 2,000 hrs.

Engine features:

  • 4-cylinder 4-stroke liquid/air-cooled engine with opposed cylinders
  • Turbo charger with automatic waste gate control, avoiding over-boost and ensuring constant manifold pressure, as well as icing-free carburation without additional pilot inputs
  • Dry sump forced lubrication with separate oil tank
  • Fully redundant ignition and fuel supply with dual electronic ignition and dual electric fuel pumps.

The basic version of Sonaca 200 cockpit is fully equipped for night-VFR flight. A classical T arrangement of primary instruments has been chosen for ergonomic and traditional reasons. The position of each instrument and input has been optimized for efficient, logical and safe use.


The instrument panel is equipped with modern instruments, including a digital engine control system, an artificial horizon and a navigational aid. The Glass Cockpit version, the "Sonaca 200 Trainer Pro", is equipped with TSO certified instruments. 

The Sonaca 200 is equipped with high quality strobe, navigation and landing lights (fitted to both wings) for perfect visibility in adverse conditions (with LED technology).
Wings are equipped with electrically operated slotted flaps with 3 setting positions (0°- 10°- 30°).

Both students and instructors will appreciate the simple operation and access to the manual trim and power control handle

The high-quality braking system is extremely powerful and scalable, allowing the aircraft to handle short landings and take-offs.

Power plant

Engine BRP Rotax 914 F Turbo – 115 Cv

Fixed pitch - Duc Hélices 3 Blades

Fuel Grades

UL91, Avgas 100LL, Mogas

Mass / Loading / Dimension

MTOW 750 kg
Empty weight 480 kg
Useful payload 270 kg
Full Fuel Payload 170 kg
Number of seats 2
Wing Span 9,15m
Length 7,0m
Fuel Capacity 140 liters


Stall speed (Flaps extended) 42 kias
Cruise speed (@75% - FL100) 110 ktas
Rate of climb @ sea level (MTOM) 750 fpm
Range at 75% - 45 min Reserve                750 Nm
Take-off distance over 15 m obstacle  470 m
Landing distance over 15 m obstacle  475 m
Certification category   CS-VLA (ELA 1) - NVFR
Load Factor +4,4g/-1.76g

Other Specifications

Full aluminum structure                  

Robust landing gear  
Toe brakes   

Steerable nose wheel          


Standard analogue instrumentation





To ensure the safety and longevity of our aircraft, we have chosen to use proven technologies. The all-metal riveted structure provides a strong frame that is easy to repair in case of damage, a popular feature among schools and flying clubs.

All the dimensioning is based on advanced digital simulations that the Sonaca group has used for many years to calculate and dimension the components of aircraft structures such as Airbus, Embraer, Boeing, Dassault commercial aircraft.

Instead of looking for performance at high speed, we have adapted the wing’s profile to achieve a progressive and stable behavior at low speed and especially in a stall, thus reducing the risk of a spin start. The large control surfaces offer great agility and reactivity while guaranteeing the aircraft’s stability.


Thanks to the steerable nose wheel, the Sonaca 200 is very easy to steer when taxiing on any surface (hard/grass), thus avoiding premature brake wear. The sturdy landing gear is specially designed for intensive use on unprepared or grassy runways


The general aerodynamic profile of the Sonaca 200 and the adapted engine allow short take-offs, high climb rates and a comfortable cruising speed for long trips.

Thanks to the new generation engine and optimized aerodynamic lines, the fuel consumption is very economical. In addition to avgas, mogas can be used, offering more cost effective operation and significantly reduced lead emissions.

The large control surfaces and the ground clearance at the wing tips allows crosswind landings of up to 20 kts. The low empty weight combined with the 750 kg of maximum take-off weight give a comfortable margin for payload.


  • Exterior
  • Interior

With its attractive, modern lines, the Sonaca 200 combines aesthetics and functionality, and its stability and agility can be seen at first glance. In particular, the slender engine cowling was designed to maximize propeller efficiency. Its wings tips have an optimized elliptical shape that reduces aerodynamic drag, while its wide canopy ensures perfect 360-degree visibility, especially when combined with the rear windows. A wide range of colors is available to customize your aircraft according to your tastes or corporate colors.  Landing gear is available with or without cowling, on request and depending on your operational needs and constraints.With its very attractive and modern lines, the Sonaca 200 is offering a link between form and function, instantly suggesting swiftness and agility. In particular, the sharp engine cowling was designed to increase propeller efficiency to its maximum. The efficient winglets have an optimized elliptic shape to reduce aerodynamic drag, and the large bubble canopy  ensures perfect all-around visibility, especially combined with the rear windows. A large palette of colors is available to personalize your aircraft according to your taste, or your organization’s color code.  The landing gear is available with or without spats, on request, depending on your operational needs and  constrains.

The Sonaca 200 offers a wide cabin (1.17 m at the shoulders) in which the pilot can enjoy a perfect sitting position. Thanks to the adjustable rail-mounted seat, the cockpit is comfortable and offers enough legroom for all sizes. The cockpit is covered with acoustic foam to ensure a low noise level in flight.

The large canopy, which opens to the rear, is mounted on two rails and can be opened while taxiing.

A footboard and wide footpath areas allow easy access on board.

The hand-stitched leather seats and dashboard are of strong and durable materials, with superior wear resistance to ensure optimal comfort and durability of the aircraft.

In the aft fuselage, behind the seats, a large compartment allows up to 35 kg of luggage to be carried.

Guaranteed after-sale service

Sonaca Aircraft is not only certified to design and manufacture aircraft; the company provides its customers and maintenance centers with an online platform ("MySonaca") which has over 400 spare parts in stock, as well as a dedicated Sonaca Aircraft team who is available and reachable 7 days a week.