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Thank you to everyone for taking part in the LIKE & SHARE contest at the launch of the Sonaca 200 Trainer Pro.

Thumbs up for Terry Bogaert, the first PPL pilot to have accomplished his first solo flight aboard the Sonaca 200!

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Merci à Air Academy New CAG pour ce beau bilan
N'hésitez pas à partager vos retours d'expérience et photos #WeFlySonaca200

Thanks to the mild weather, the Sonaca 200 flight tests have resumed in the presence of European customers and prospects.

Picture © Tim De Weert

What a pleasure it is to receive photos from our customers (flying clubs, private pilots and schools)!

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Thank you for visiting us during the 4-day European General Aviation Show in Germany

Sonaca Aircraft installs BendixKing’s attitude indicator, the AeroFlight KI 300 for their Sonaca 200 Trainer Pro aircraft.