A Renewed Trust, Interview with Denis Petitfrère, CEO of Air Academy New CAG

Air Academy New CAG is one of Sonaca Aircraft’s longstanding clients.
« We received our first Sonaca 200 just three years ago in December 2018. As a first time user of the Sonaca 200, we experienced some technical difficulties with the aircraft, but these were resolved and taken care of by the manufacturer.
Currently, our fleet of 4 Sonaca 200 Trainer planes has just passed the symbolic mark of 4000 flight hours! »
The Sonaca 200s are mainly used for PPL training, time building, private flights and instructor training. «Since the introduction of the first Sonaca 200 OO-NCA/MSN001 to our fleet in 2018, at least 200 students, pilots and instructors have flown the aircraft. »
Being responsive to the needs of its clients is in the DNA of Sonaca Aircraft.
« Since the beginning of our collaboration, Sonaca Aircraft has been attentive to our experience and needs. They have taken into account our feedback in order to develop their aircraft and the services that accompany it. »
Thanks to its research and design department and its DOA, they are able to make modifications and further develop the Sonaca 200.