Flight School Promotion receives its first Sonaca 200 Trainer Pro

New to the pilot training sector in Belgium: Flight School Promotion is a branch of Skydiving Promotion, which has been operating in commercial aviation for over 30 years.

Based at Spa airfield, the school provides students and pilots with a hangar, a flight preparation room and a classroom that can accommodate around fifteen students for theoretical lessons.

In November, the school will receive its first Sonaca 200 Trainer Pro. "We chose an aircraft developed and assembled in Belgium, an aircraft with low consumption, less noise and equipped with modern and certified instruments. "
In December, January and February, Flight School Promotion will place its first Sonaca 200 Trainer Pro (full glass cockpit) in Avignon for 3 months. Several one-week intensive flight sessions are planned to allow its students to make progress with their training, as well as those interested to start their training to become a private pilot!
 * Flight School Promotion has ordered 2 Trainer Pro versions of the Sonaca 200