Major General Frederik Vansina

Major General Frederik Vansina

The new Sonaca 200 flies like a champ. Elegantly looking but robust thanks to its metalconstruction, ingress and installation into the aircraft is swift. The ground steering systemallows for a precise control of the nosewheel and just a little rudder needs to be applied tokeep the aircraft on the runway during take-off. The Sonaca climbs swiftly thanks to its good thrust-to-weight ratio and accelerates rapidly to its cruise speed of around 120 knots.

Throughout the flying envelope, the aircraft behaves in a very docile and predictable way, demonstrating it is clearly an ideal training aircraft for ab-initio students. The circuit flying is uncomplicated and landing made easy by the precise controls at low speed. The Sonaca 200 is clearly a very clever design. The caption "made by pilots for pilots" under which the aircraft is marketed is sensed throughout the entire flight. Well done to Sonaca for producing such a fine aircraft.


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