Standard features and options

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Technical DescriptionS200 Trainer 182500€ ( Trainer Pro 213500€ (
Engine Powerplant115 Hp115 Hp
Certified CS–vla – 4.4 G (*)VV
All Fuel TypeVV
Full Aluminium with corrosion protectionVV
Hard Landing Proofed landing gear(TBD)VV
Garanties (2y/1000 h)VV
MT0W 750 KgVV
3 Blades – Ground AdjustableVV
Technical Assistance within 48hVV
Solar ProtectionVV
Interior furniture LeatherVV
Digital Engine InstrumentVV
Transponder ADSBVV
Predictive Maintenance by Aircraft Monitoring (1)VV
Additional Equipments ( Tow Bar, pockets, …)VV
Glass Cokpit Instrument – Garmin G500 TXI-V
Certified GPS – Garmin GTN 650-V
2 Headsets ANR – Bose A20OO
Technical Assistance within 24 hOO
Constant Speed Propeller--
Auto Pilot--
IFR Cokpit Instruments (2)-O
MT0W 780 Kg (2)OO
Aircraft coversOO
Spin acceptanceOO
External PersonalisationOO
Branded aircraft coversOO
Training with flight instructor (2h)OO
Full TB0 coverage on the engineOO
Ferry FlightOO
After Sale Services48h48h
Financial LeasingOO
(*) Certified CS–vla In20182019

(1) Retrofit planned in 2019 (offered)

(2) As from 2019

V = Standard

O = Optional

- = Not Available