We Flew Sonaca 200 - Benjamin

We Flew Sonaca 200 - Benjamin
We Flew Sonaca 200 - Benjamin

« I would fly the Sonaca 200 for my own pleasure. »

Our flight school was looking for new aircrafts to replace its current aircraft fleet that is aging. As Chief Flight Instructor, my role consisted in identifying the aircraft that would best suit the school’s expectations in terms of manoeuvrability, performance and price-quality ratio.

I was a little worried that the Sonaca 200 actually was an ultra-light aircraft that had been renamed « aircraft ». But it is definitely not. The take-off of the Sonaca 200 looks like that of an aicraft. Once flying, it has a safe behaviour ; it is well-balanced. The reactive controls contribute to a certain flying pleasure ; we do not have to fight to turn, the aircraft responds perfectly to controls. The power and speed are adequate.

Landing with the Sonaca 200 is quite easy ; this represents an asset for student pilots and allows for operations on shorter fields. 

The robustness, performance and price-quality ratio of the Sonaca 200 make it the ideal aicraft for basic training. In this sense, Sonaca Aircraft offers, as far as I am concerned, one of the only current alternatives to the aging training aircrafts.

I chose the Sonaca 200 for the flight school because it provided me such a pleasure to fly ; this aircraft has enough power and is highly responsive to controls. It is an aircraft that I would rent on my own for the sake of flying pleasure ! ».