About us

Sonaca Aircraft is a new subsidiary of Sonaca. The company’s capital is held by Sonaca Group, The Airplane Factory (TAF) and the Co-Founders of Sonaca Aircraft: Sophie Lancereau, Carl Mengdehl and Pierre Vanwetter.

Sonaca Aircraft combines know how and expertise from both parents company: engineering, certification and production expertise on Sonaca’s side, design and assembly of a complete aircraft on TAF’s side. The first objective of this new company is to develop, certify and market a new aircraft : a two-seater specially adapted for training and leisure flights. In April 2015, a first demonstrator was assembled in Johannesburg and flown back (8 days and 55 hours flying across eastern Africa) to Brussels South Charleroi Airport, allowing to evaluate the aircraft performance on a long distance.


Harold van der Straten
CEO of Sonaca Aircraft
Harold holds an Electro-Mechanical Engineering degree and a complementary degree in Business Management of SME. Prior to joining Sonaca Aircraft, he held a number of General Management positions within SME markets. Harold is the Chief Executive Officer of Sonaca Aircraft since 2016.
Pierre Van Wetter
Head Of Sales and Marketing
Pierre is graduated in 2001 as an Aeronautical Engineer from the University of Liège – Belgium and he is holder of a Pilot Licence. He is now responsible for Sales and Marketing activities.
Yoan Beulque
Operation Manager
Yoan holds a degree in industrial Engineering from the University of Paris-Est. Prior to this position, he held successfully various positions within Sonaca DOP (Production department) for more than 6 years. Within Sonaca Aircraft he is responsible for the development, the overall coordination and the achieving of the production activities across the organization; including production sites abroad.
Carl Mengdehl
Head of Engineering
Carl has a mechanical engineering degree from the french university IFMA Clermont-Ferrand and has some experience in design, materials, testing, calculations, repairs, as well as certification and quality. Within Sonaca Aircraft he is in charge of Engineering and the Certification of the aircraft.
Maxime Danniau
Marketing and Sales
Maxime holds a professional pilot licence, he is working on marketing and sales aspects.
Bastien Galland
Bastien is Stress engineer. Hij houdt zich bezig met het structurele gedeelte en met ladingsanalyses.
Carl Dewandel
Responsible for structure compliance
Carl is in charge of structural compliancy. This implies loads and tests definition as well as structural analyses.
Vincent Jaumotte
Vincent is working on the test campaign. He establishes static and dynamic tests in order to be compliant with CS-VLA requirements.
Sylvain Louis
System Engineer
Sylvain is working in the engineering department he is establishing the systems and instruments of the aircraft.


Sonaca Group is a global Belgian company active in the development, manufacturing, and assembly of advanced structures for civil, military, and space markets. The group is especially known for its wing movables expertise where it is regarded the world leader serving most of the primes and with a market share of over 50%. It has production facilities in Europe, North-America, South-America and China and employs over 2500 people including 350 engineers.
Experience, expertise and strong quality track record enable us to maintain long-lasting partnership-like development and production relations with our customers. In response to strong demand from our customers, Sonaca Group today also supplies engineering services, large sheet metal elements, wing plank, composite structures, and machined components.